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Our Strength

With nearly 25 years of experience in LNG transportation, the professionals at Argent Marine use diverse skill sets and a highly analytical approach to custom-tailor each transaction to a customer's particular needs.

The flexibility of our small-scale distribution capabilities enables us to propose LNG transportation solutions based on a careful evaluation of the dynamics of supply and the transportation logistics necessary to assure our customers a dependable and adequate supply of LNG. Where appropriate, we also look to license our technologies to shipbuilders, shipowners and ship operating companies.

With safety and reliability always paramount, Argent Marine seeks to achieve the most cost-effective transportation approach based on any given set of parameters.

Business Objectives

Argent Marine is developing protocols and advancing innovative designs to transport and bunker small quantities of LNG safely, reliably and economically.

With our US-Patented bulk articulated tug/barges and intermodal vessels, including bunker vessels, we have developed plans to make LNG readily available to customers and major ports around the world.

Through use of Argent Marine’s Intermodal technologies, LNG delivered in standard ISO containers to major ports can then be transported inland through existing intermodal freight systems. 

We believe that this availability will help accelerate the use of clean burning LNG as fuel in marine vessels and other high-horsepower applications such as heavy-duty vehicles, leading to significant emissions reductions in the near term.