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The Argent Marine Companies were established in 1988 to acquire and operate two 125,000 m3 LNG tankers (LNG Galeomma and LNG Delta) placed under 20-year time charters to Royal Dutch Shell.

Argent Marine's expertise in LNG transportation derives from our ownership and management of those tankers and our efforts to assist Shell in identifying novel ways of placing the ships in service during the periods of surplus tonnage in the 1990s.

In addition to our work with Shell, Argent Marine is an active participant in MARAD’s MSP since 2010. We currently operate a heavy lift ship in worldwide trade. Our past MSP vessels in the Program include a product tanker that traded in the Persian Gulf and two RO/RO vessels that traded in US/International commerce.

Over the years Argent Marine has provided various marine consulting services to a range of customers with diverse maritime interests. Services have included LNG support to the American Bureau of Shipping as well as advice to the US Coast Guard on critical LNG safety and navigation issues. We have also provided LNG consulting services to the Guandong LNG Project, one of the first projects to bring LNG to China. Because of our emphasis on environmental responsibility, Argent Marine was chosen to assist the US Maritime Administration on environmental issues pertaining to ship disposals.

A principal focus of Argent Marine is the design and development of safe, reliable and cost-effective strategies for the small-scale transportation and bunkering of LNG.