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Small-scale LNG distribution is a rapidly evolving field of LNG transportation that is being driven by regulatory mandates limiting emissions and by the abundance and relatively low cost of natural gas.  Since 2005, a principal focus of Argent Marine has been to develop marine transportation solutions for LNG that are tailored for the efficient handling of small quantities and for delivery to local ports and terminals not capable of handling conventional volumes of L.NG

To distribute LNG in smaller quantities, Argent Marine has developed state-of-the-art intermodal and bulk LNG vessels, some with proprietary cryogenic transfer systems that offer unparalleled flexibility. Our intermodal vessel technology has end-to-end patent protection in the US and our bulk technology has US Patents granted on certain key aspects. Both technologies, which have patents pending around the world, are designed to provide safe, reliable, highly efficient and low cost transport of LNG without the extensive and costly infrastructure typical of conventional LNG marine transport systems.

Intermodal Shuttle Vessel (ISV)

Argent Marine has advanced the design and regulatory compliance of a vessel intended for coastwise and close-in transport and delivery of LNG in special purpose ISO approved tank containers.  This vessel utilizes the Argent Marine intermodal manifold system allowing filling of multiple containers at conventional LNG receiving and production terminals, as well as local LNG storage facilities.  The ISV is also designed for loading trucked-in filled LNG ISO containers at conventional container terminals facilitating the distribution and bunkering of LNG in terminal locations where no LNG infrastructure exists.