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Argent Marine Management is the commercial development arm of Argent Marine with a mission to design and develop optimal small-scale LNG marine tonnage for transporting LNG in smaller quantities.

Our principal objective is to develop custom-tailored solutions to serve clients' unique transportation needs, seeking the lowest cost, highest quality solution, while balancing capital asset acquisition and life-cycle operating costs.

Argent Marine Management identifies maritime opportunities, provides developmental resources and applies concepts that incorporate environmental sensitivities.


The technologies are based on the use of articulated tug/barges (AT/Bs) and cryogenic containers (Intermodal Vessels).

AT/Bs can deliver small bulk distribution of LNG in volumes ranging from 2000cm to 20000cm or more. They can be built very quickly, locally, and at a lower cost than conventional small LNG carriers, and have lower operating costs. They can also be easily scaled in size to match demand. Furthermore the barge carrying the cargo can be detached from the tug. This enables ‘swap and drop’ and ‘hub and spoke’ operations, with shuttle operations from terminals, FSRUs or LNG carriers. This is particularly cost effective for projects with many delivery locations of varying volumes. One or two tugs can service 4 or 5 barges. Moreover the barge can be used at the delivery location as a floating storage facility, saving the cost of land- based installations. It can also be fitted with re-gasification and power generation capability to provide small-scale mobile electricity.

The Intermodal technology uses a unique patented manifold system which enables a large number of cryogenic containers to be loaded from a terminal or FSRU in a single loading operation. The loaded containers can be detached from the manifold and offloaded in the number required at a specific location. The reverse operation is also possible. This system offers great flexibility, mobility and cost management in the delivery of very small volumes of LNG for small power generators, marine bunkering and road vehicle fuel supply. The loaded containers can hold the LNG for up to 70 days without any change in the quality of the LNG. This means a container, singly or connected to others by the AM manifold, can act as a storage depot or fuelling point for road vehicles, ships, and powerplants.

In support of these technologies AM has developed detailed operating and management protocols applying the same safety and risk management criteria to small- scale operations as have prevailed in the LNG industry to date.


Argent Marine managed two of the largest LNG carriers afloat

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