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Hersh Kohut joined Argent in 2010 and heads up the Company’s non-LNG tanker operations.  As such he has responsibility for day-to-day crewing, for overseeing ship operations, for arranging necessary insurance cover and for interfacing with the Company’s labor unions. Because of his background (described below) in operating refineries and cogeneration plants, Hersh has worked with the Company’s LNG team on interface issues between generating and industrial facilities and the Company’s specialized marine tonnage. Prior to joining Argent, Hersh enjoyed a long career at the Atlantic Richfield Company.  There he served as President of ARCO Marine in charge of a fleet of ten oil tankers transporting ARCO’s Alaskan North Slope oil to various ports along the West Coast.  Before that Hersh served in senior managerial capacities at ARCO’s oil refinery in Los Angeles and in one of its Southern California cogeneration plants.  He has taken advanced management courses at Stanford University and holds a BS in chemical Engineering from Purdue University.